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11 Aug

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding or Event with Photos

Businesses, brides and brands all have one thing in common when planning their events – they want their guests to have a good time, have opportunities to engage with eachother and walk away with awesome memories. There are many ways to accomplish those goals, especially if you are interested in using photos as an engagement opportunity. Today, incorporating a photo presence at an event can be so much more than just having a photographer on site to capture pictures of guests. If you’re interested in some new ways to use photos at an upcoming event, the following five ideas may be just the thing to get your creative juices flowing! 

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Create an Engagement Moment

Brand events, weddings and other celebratory parties should be fun for guests, and sometimes that means giving attendees an opportunity to do something interactive. This often works well for events that might have lag time. For example, if you are planning a wedding that has a gap of time between the ceremony and cocktail hour, but guests are able to congregate in a common area for the wait, give them a way to pass the time with an interactive photo experience. Set up a space where they can take pictures with special props, send them on a photo scavenger hunt or use the PhotoTouch QuickPics system to encourage them to share their photos online. Using photos to create engagement moments can also be helpful for events where many people don’t know each other, as they can serve as an icebreaker to get guests talking and interacting.

Make it Social

Love it or hate it, social media is an important part of event planning and should be embraced to help support event succes - especially when it comes to brand-centric functions. Whether you use social media ahead of time to get people excited or tap into it’s sharing power during your event, social media can keep your guests engaged, and help you collect and view images those at your event share online. Creating an event hashtag is one of the easiest ways to integrate social media into your event, but you can also set up some more advanced social media ideas like creating an event-specific SnapChat geo filter or setting up a social stream to pull in posts from various social channels. Remember to tell your guests how to interact with you on social by sharing information on hashtags and more.

Photos as a Seating Chart

If you have table seating, you can get creative with photos by using them as a seating chart. While this would take a little pre-event planning to accomplish, the personal touch of having photos of your guests to direct them to their table can really bring a higher level of personalization to the event. Simply print out small photos – faces work best – and display them next to the appropriate table numbers in an area people will see right when they walk into the event. Don’t have table seating, but still want to use pre-printed photos? Why not create a welcome board for your guests where you can show off photos of them with the bride and groom, or interacting with your company or brand.

Create a Photo Wall or Table

Depending on what type of event you are throwing, carving out space to showcase existing photos can add a nice touch to the event decor and provide an interactive area for guests to spend time. A brand could create an event wall where they show off their recent project, new products or even images of customers. A newlywed couple can also use photos as decorations by creating a special table to show off important family photos. Or, if you have table seating, try using photos instead of table numbers. Photos can allow event planners to get more creative by showcasing important moments and adding a stronger personal touch to the event.

Photos as Guest Books and Favors

Many events, not just weddings, benefit from the inclusion of a guest book. While the term implies the use of an actual book, there are many creative ways for guests to share that they were at your event and leave a memory or message for the event host. One way that you can make your guest book interactive is by allowing your guests to take photos that print on site. Once photos print, guests can add them to a photo book or frame with a note. These printed photos can also double as creative favors for guests, especially if they are printed out with custom, event branding!

However you plan to personalize your event, don't forget to consider how photos might compliment your ideas. If you're ready to get started, check out our event photo scavenger hunt guide. It's full of ideas you can offer to your guests to get them taking photos (and hopefully sharing them!) during your event.

Download Our Photo Scavenger Hunt Idea Guide