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21 Oct

Two Options That Can Customize Your Photo Advertising Campaign

Adding a photo advertising campaign to your company's marketing plans can be a great option for business' that are looking for flexible ways to engage their customers and drum up additional awareness. This is especially true with PhotoTouch QuickPics campaigns, as they are customizable on the […]

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22 Jul

Ways to Improve Social Media at Your Events

While event marketing can often be one of the more expensive types of promotion a brand can undertake, it can also be one of the most successful because it allows the company to interact directly with their customers in a personal way. Today, many successful events include some sort of social […]

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21 Jun

Photos Can Support Awareness Campaigns for Agencies and Their Clients

As an agency, your main goal is serving clients by bringing them new and exciting ways build brand awareness, attract and retain customers, and meet other goals specific to their individual business and industry. This probably means tapping into many popular tactics, from engaging with bloggers […]

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13 May

Understanding Brand Engagement Issues

Engagement. Everyone talks about it and all businesses want it, but engagement is often hard to come by in today’s crowded marketplace. Whether you’re hoping for more engagement on Facebook or looking to drive more repeat customers to your website or shop location, brand engagement is an […]

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22 Feb

Bring Your Social Sharing Campaign to the Next Level with a Social Gallery

Running a visual marketing campaign using photos? Great! But, wondering how to get more visibility into your campaign, especially post-social share? One great idea is to create a social stream to display all of your customers’ social content in one place. […]

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13 Oct

Tapping Into Pinterest for Business

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the social sites that PhotoTouch photos can be seamlessly shared to following an event or campaign? We added Pinterest as one of our social sharing sites because the visual impact of it is amazing for brands. If your brand isn’t on Pinterest yet or you […]

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28 Sep

Get the Most Out of Photos: Hosting Photo-Based Social Media Contests

If your brand has been using social media for a while, chances are that you’ve experimented with contests on Facebook, Twitter or other channels. If so, have you tried running a photo contest yet? Photo contests are great because they can showcase your brand and customers in a fun, visual way. […]

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11 Sep

How to Optimize Your Social Media Channels to Increase Traffic

How many social networks should I be using? How often should I post onto each network? What strategy will be effective in reaching my target? […]

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03 Sep

A Little About Facebook Sharing

Facebook can be hard for brands to crack these days . With the constant changes to the Facebook algorithm and brands having a harder time than ever getting into the newsfeed, understanding why people share is one way that brands can try and get more visibility with their online community. […]

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06 Aug

Using Hashtags in Photo Campaigns

Since Twitter first invented the hashtag, it has quickly become a way for people to share and connect with each other about common topics. Brands have also used hashtags to support their business efforts. Whether as part of a large brand campaign or used to inject a bit of fun into their […]

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