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21 Oct

Two Options That Can Customize Your Photo Advertising Campaign

Adding a photo advertising campaign to your company's marketing plans can be a great option for business' that are looking for flexible ways to engage their customers and drum up additional awareness. This is especially true with PhotoTouch QuickPics campaigns, as they are customizable on the […]

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30 Aug

Client Case Study: Using Branded Photos at an Event

We love being able to show the PhotoTouch and PhotoTouch QuickPics systems in action, and that's exactly what we're doing today with a case study showing exactly how branded photos can help to support an event. […]

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08 Jul

Event Photo Marketing and Social Events Made Simple

Events without social media are a thing of the past. Even if you don’t have an official social media strategy as part of your live event, it’s almost guaranteed that those in attendance will be checking in on Facebook, live Tweeting on Twitter and Instagraming like crazy. That’s because, today, […]

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