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21 Oct

Two Options That Can Customize Your Photo Advertising Campaign

Adding a photo advertising campaign to your company's marketing plans can be a great option for business' that are looking for flexible ways to engage their customers and drum up additional awareness. This is especially true with PhotoTouch QuickPics campaigns, as they are customizable on the […]

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12 Jul

Tips to Taking Better Selfies

Selfies. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. For businesses that are looking for creative ways to boost brand engagement and inject more visuals into their marketing efforts, encouraging customers and event guests to take and share selfies can actually be a great way to boost […]

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13 May

Understanding Brand Engagement Issues

Engagement. Everyone talks about it and all businesses want it, but engagement is often hard to come by in today’s crowded marketplace. Whether you’re hoping for more engagement on Facebook or looking to drive more repeat customers to your website or shop location, brand engagement is an […]

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