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16 Nov

Announcing the PhotoTouch QuickPics Holiday Promotion

Give your holiday campaigns a visual boost this year! With PhotoTouch QuickPics, you are able to easily turn photos taken by your customers or guests into printed, sharable ads for your business or event. Here's how it works: […]

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10 Nov

Integrating Branded Photos into Your Holiday Campaign

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to start thinking about holiday campaigns and events that can stand out from the rest. Whether you are a big brand, a small business or simply planning your own holiday event, branded photos can add a touch of personalization and excitement to any […]

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21 Oct

Two Options That Can Customize Your Photo Advertising Campaign

Adding a photo advertising campaign to your company's marketing plans can be a great option for business' that are looking for flexible ways to engage their customers and drum up additional awareness. This is especially true with PhotoTouch QuickPics campaigns, as they are customizable on the […]

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10 Oct

Integrating Halloween Into Your Marketing Efforts

With Halloween right around the corner, and a whole slew of holidays following right behind, it'sa great time to start incorporating some festive ideas into your business' marketing efforts.  […]

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23 Sep

Branded Photos Can Work for All Different Restaurant Types

If you are involved in some way in marketing a restaurant, you probably have many tactics you can employ to get people excited about your dining experience. From engaging customers via social media accounts to offering special meal promotions, restaurants are able to adapt marketing efforts […]

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13 Sep

Customizing Your Photo Advertising Campaign with PhotoTouch QuickPics

If you haven't tried PhotoTouch QuickPics yet, we have an exciting reason to check it out. Our team has been busy taking feedback and making updates, and we've recently released the ability for brands, events planners and venues, and more to begin using the solution as an event marketing […]

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30 Aug

Client Case Study: Using Branded Photos at an Event

We love being able to show the PhotoTouch and PhotoTouch QuickPics systems in action, and that's exactly what we're doing today with a case study showing exactly how branded photos can help to support an event. […]

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11 Aug

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding or Event with Photos

Businesses, brides and brands all have one thing in common when planning their events – they want their guests to have a good time, have opportunities to engage with eachother and walk away with awesome memories. There are many ways to accomplish those goals, especially if you are interested in […]

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22 Jul

Ways to Improve Social Media at Your Events

While event marketing can often be one of the more expensive types of promotion a brand can undertake, it can also be one of the most successful because it allows the company to interact directly with their customers in a personal way. Today, many successful events include some sort of social […]

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12 Jul

Tips to Taking Better Selfies

Selfies. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. For businesses that are looking for creative ways to boost brand engagement and inject more visuals into their marketing efforts, encouraging customers and event guests to take and share selfies can actually be a great way to boost […]

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